4M Group

4M Group continues to be a devoted sponsor and partner by opening up their new and exciting spaces across central London for BAG to showcase the artwork of our talented artists. 4M Group's philosophy of openness, sharing and collaboration has been a synergy point with BAG and its mission to provide opportunities for artists from across the wider Balkan region. Having notable works present in many locations around the globe -- such as Australia,  Hong Kong, Kosovo, Montenegro, Nigeria, India, Indonesia (Bali,Jakarta), and Sri Lanka – 4M Group have garnered international recognition with their award-winning designs. Some of these designs have garnered the following acclaim: a winner of the 2013 World Interior News (WIN) Awards for Hamam Jazz Bar; their participation in the 13th Architectural Biennale in Venice 2012; and having been named as one of the Top 50 eco-sustainable firms in the UK by Open Cities in 2009. For more information on our partner, please visit  www.4mgroup.co.uk.


Well-known for its iconic London food and drink locations, the Zebrano chain has opened its newest doors for two mouthsful of silence prior to its grand opening. The event will occur fromSeptember 10-17, 2015, and will take place in their new location, seconds away from the Gherkin building.  Zebrano have been leading the city in hospitality for more than a decade with venues on Ganton and the corner of Carnaby Street, as well as on Soho's Greek Street.  While all of their venues have enjoyed prodigious success, this new location's lounge experience will expand to open a fine dining restaurant in the heart of London. We are grateful to our sponsors for their support, hospitality, and the canapes prepared by their award-winning Michelin star chefs. For more information on our partner and sponsor, please visit www.zebranobars.com/zebrano-city.

Solid Ltd.

Solid Limited Accounting Bookkeeping and Consultancy pride themselves in helping to protect businesses of all shapes and sizes. Solid Limited supports artists, creatives, writers, actors, designers, and techies -- the visionaries who bring magic into this world. Learn more about the services Solid Limited offers at www.solidlimited.co.uk , or contact them directly on 020 7183 8433, info@solidlimited.co.uk.


Art installation by Alketa Xhafa Mripa in 7 cities throughout Albania-Tirana, Shkoder, Berat, Durres, Korce, Tepelene, Gjirokaster. www.evenwallshaveears.com

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